Why have a consultation?

The sages of the Vedic tradition tell us that the purpose of Jyotisha is to help remove sorrow. Therefore an important part of the consultation process is to understand the patterns that obstruct the flow of a particular area of life and to give suggestions for how to work with that reality in a practical and productive way.

My consultation practice is oriented towards promoting an understanding of specific patterns in your chart, both basically and predicatively and to enable you to align with the supportive influences in your chart and work more effectively with those that might create problems.

These patterns operate in a fundamental way and also more particularly in certain cycles of time. Therefore, another important function of the session is to understand the transitional periods in life and the changes they signify.

What is needed prior to a consultation

The process starts by providing the day, place and time of your birth. The source of the information, such as birth certificate, your mother's baby book etc. is also very helpful.

In order to assess the accuracy of your birth information, I would like to request 5 objective dates corollated with events such as marriage, birth of children, divorce , graduation or drop-out from college, receiving higher degree, purchase of a house, immigration/green card, death of a significant relative, initiation, significant illness etc.

I also encourage you to send any questions or areas of concern that you might have. What is motivating you to have a reading? If we are not meeting in person, it would be good to send a recent photo and ideally, some way of assessing your hands. I will send instructions on how to do hand prints, photos and/or measurements. If this is not possible, I can, of course, do the reading without it.

Please keep in mind that traditionally, the village or court jyotishi knew everyone and on the basis of that intimacy understood in very fundamental ways how the planetary influences specifically operated in a particular individual’s chart. So the more I know you, the more accurate the predictions.

What happens in your first consultation?

Once I have this information, we can schedule our appointment. If we can't meet in person, I do my appointments on Google Zoom so we can share the screen and see each other. If you are technologically challenged, no worries. This is an extremely easy web conferencing site and program.

It is best to initially connect through a computer link for screen sharing but we can do the audio portion by phone once the connection is established. Google Zoom has an easy recording feature and you will be able to have a recording shortly after we finish the meeting. I will fill you in on how that works at our session. You can also come in on a tablet or phone. Neither of those will allow you to record but I can do it for you and send it on to you.

For my initial consultations, I offer one of two approaches - both of which are the same suggested donation of $175:

  1. One hour session in which I address what’s going on in layman terms without trying to explain much about how the chart reveals the destiny patterns. I focus some on the past to make sure I am seeing the chart correctly but mainly I like to deal with the present and the near future. I don’t really like to do "whole life" readings as I firmly believe what we do now informs our future. I will send your chart to you so you have it for your files.
  2. 75 minute reading plus a 15 minute follow-up to be done within two weeks of the reading. In this option, we will be referring both to your chart and to additional material that I will send to you to help us navigate your underlying patterns - both auspicious and inauspicious - that color how you might think and act. Please be aware that depending on the chart, it might take a longer chunk of time to explore its foundation through the astrological markers. However some, if not all, of your specific concerns will certainly be addressed (especially urgent ones) along with input and suggestions on how to resolve the issues and their impact on you. Hopefully you will be more empowered through seeing things at least a little bit the way I do.

I obviously prefer the second option as knowledge enables you to begin to understand, align with and utilize the patterns in your chart, thus building more self-sufficiency going forward.

Also, questions and clarifications regarding what was discussed in our session can be covered in the follow-up within the allotted 15 minute time.

In either option, as many do after experiencing a session, you can request additional sessions to cover the whole gamut of your particular concerns.

Please let me know which modality works best for you. My sessions are interactive. You are welcome to ask questions at any point as well as give feedback on what is being covered.

Additional Services

Annual consultations More detail on current and future trends
Compatibility Relationships such as life partner, parent/child, business associate, etc.
Rectification of birth time Necessary if the birth time is known within a range of a few hours but is not recorded with sufficient precision or accuracy
Muhurta Choosing an auspicious time to begin an activity
Prashna Answering a specific question, such as “Should I buy a car now?”
Seminars, classes, lectures : For those interested in pursuing this knowledge.
Contact Penny for details about fees for teaching and tutoring.

Suggested Donation

Primary, annual and compatibility consultations: $175
Prashna: $75
(included with any of the above consultations)
Muhurta: $175 for other than a wedding muhurta
($225 for a wedding muhurta)
Rectification: $75
(available only with one of the above services)