Volume 31

“Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.”

Yoko Ono

The Famous Guru Chandala Yoga

On January 9th, Rahu and Ketu finish their 18 month transit of Virgo and Pisces respectively and move into the rashis of Leo and Aquarius. As Jupiter is currently transiting Leo, the arrival of Rahu into that constellation will create what is known as a Guru Chandala yoga by transit.

This yoga is defined as the association of Jupiter with Rahu though some say it also occurs when Jupiter is with Ketu. The tradition in which I have studied does not hold with this latter view.

The word Guru indicates traits such as wisdom, discernment, charity, sattva, dharma and other such desirable qualities. Jupiter is Guru in Jyotisha. The closest definition of chandala is pariah. Rahu represents the outlier, the outsider, something shadowy and insatiable. Essentially, putting these two grahas together has the effect of polluting some of the purity of Jupiter.

As usual, this is an overarching principle and the ecosystem of the chart will be the arbiter on the intensity that this combination will have on the destiny pattern of a particular individual.

Here is a memorable chart to illustrate this principle:

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

For starters, this chart has powerful Mars and Venus sitting in the Capricorn ascendant forming a compelling passion combination. The lord of the ascendant is a retrograde Saturn forming another passion combination with 7th lord Moon. The 9th lord of dharma has gone to the 12th bhava without a benefic aspect. The Guru Chandala yoga is located in the 2nd bhava. In a Capricorn chart, Jupiter is not as auspicious as in other lagnas because it rules two bhavas that are not favorable - the 3rd and the 12th - rather than one of the kendras or trikonas. When we put together all of these independent variables, perhaps we won’t be too surprised to learn that this is the chart of Rush Limbaugh. The 2nd house signifies among other things, one’s speech and what one consumes. Mr. Limbaugh, known for his hate mongering and also for an addiction problem, is an excellent example of a Guru Chandala Yoga with teeth.


Note: This is the third installment addressing karma phala (outcomes) that produce effects in our life that we experience as obstructive or difficult.

We are told that “It is better to give than to receive”. It is therefore no surprise that charity is recommended as an effective means of upaya.

As in all upayas, there are guidelines for the most effective ways to proceed. I covered some aspects of charitable giving in the article on Gunas and Giving in volume 28. It is worth repeating that the most efficacious way to give is selflessly; without an expectation of return. That might sound contradictory when one’s intention is to address a difficult astrological time period or combination but it isn’t really. It is a matter of cultivation of attitude. Over time, it might be possible to step back from needing an acknowledgement and simply give.

Also, giving needs to be responsible. It should not completely destabilize the giver and yet still be generous from the donor’s standpoint. And of course the recipient should be worthy.

I am sure all of you have faced the dilemma of panhandlers asking for money, usually saying they are hungry. Is the request honest and worthy? I try to solve this particular one by going into a restaurant and buying some food for the person. On more than one occasion, I have seen someone throw it out since it wasn’t food that he or she was really after. I learned to be just fine with that. I did my part and have no control over the outcome.

One might also consider consistently gifting to a worthy charity over time even if the amount is modest. Repetition can cultivate the right relationship to giving. It creates an ease and familiarity which can make the act of giving more natural and genuine.

In the shastras, there are verses that prescribe the kind of donation that is most efficacious for the particular problem in the chart. However, there is a clear overarching principle prioritizing feeding people or animals. With this action, one cannot do anything that is counter-productive. Even if a chart is inaccurate or indeed unknown due to murky birth details, charity is an excellent way to build grace using our own open-hearted free will.

The Media Corner - Magical Voice

Magical Voice Article

I am very happy to introduce a new section on my website called “Publications”. I will be adding some of my earlier articles soon but wanted to launch it with the recent article that was published in the October/November edition of The Mountain Astrologer entitled “Magical Voice: A Vedic Perspective.